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Our Team.

Ciaran completed his PhD in chemistry from the University of Strathclyde in 2017  under the supervision of Dr Allan Watson studying chemoselective transition-metal catalysis. During this time he also spent time in the labs of Prof. Tom Snaddon at Indiana University working on total synthesis of complex natural products, and with Prof. Glenn Burley on the development of novel click chemistries for nucleoside bioconjugation. 


He then moved to Emory University as a postdoctoral researcher working in the laboratory of Professor Nathan Jui developing novel reductive photoredox methodologies. During this time, Ciaran worked on new synthetic methods to access alkylated heterocycles and complex fluorinated scaffolds.


In 2019, Ciaran moved to Princeton University to work with Professors David MacMillan and Tom Muir where he explored new photocatalytic methods for proximity labelling to investigate critical aspects of cancer biology.

Currently, Ciaran is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Scripps-UF in Jupiter, Florida.


Ciaran P. Seath, PhD

Group Leader

Meet the Team

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